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Redefining Crypto
And Driving Innovation
Our Mission at SquidGrow is to create an ecosystem of captivating Utilties
within different industries in crypto. In order to achieve this, we focus on key
features and aspects that are driven by user demand
Our team is a diverse powerhouse of blockchain veterans
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Chief Executive Officer Co-Founder

Shibtoshi is a notable figure in the cryptocurrency world. Bitcoin Whale since 2011 and one of the top Shiba-Inu Whales.

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Chief Marketing Officer

Strategic Chief Marketing Officer with an added bonus of having a background in finance, driving key partnerships and networks to propel project success.

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Chief Data Officer

CB has specialized in software development, financial services and data analytics for over 20 years.

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Chief Creative Officer

Mike is a 31 year veteran of the comic book industry, artist of DC Comics INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US, the #1 digital comic in the world...

of our holders

are useful and fun. The success of SquidGrow
is based on a strong community, team, and its experience, vision
development of utilities, and strategy.

Our Partners

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SquidGrow Ambassadors
Wendy O
Wendy O

Los Angeles based Entrepreneur and Crypto Analyst. Published in Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, NBC News, Forbes, Fox Business, CNBC, Time, Bloomberg, and more. Host of Coindesk’s "The Hash" and Host and Founder of The O Show - Everything Crypto & NFT’s every day.


Pro The Doge AKA The Dogecoin Millionaire discovered crypto in 2021. He believed in the technology so much he invested his entire life savings into Dogecoin and in about 2 short months (69 days to be exact) he became a Dogecoin Millionaire.

Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel "D-Rod" Rodriguez is a professional mixed martial artist (MMA) from Los Angeles, California. His fearlessness and striking skills have earned him a reputation as a rising star in the UFC. Beyond sports, D-Rod's journey from humble beginnings to...